Luxury hostel UNWND is a creative space with vibrant interiors and bright energy—one that caters to backpackers and flashpackers with a thirst for adventure. More often than not, we usually travel with family and friends—in a group with an itinerary or plan in tow. But backpacking? Now that’s a whole other experience.

Backpacking, you see, thrives on the authentic travel experience. There, you embrace traveling in all its rawness—from the gritty experience of unchartered trips to the dirt and dust from hiking, the smoke that comes with eating street food… all of it. Unlike the glitz and glamor of fine dining and shopping in high-class malls, the backpacking life thrives on the unknown. The unplanned. And with it, comes the celebration of what is called: “The Art of Chill”.

But after relishing in the sights and sounds of the cities, the beaches, the streets, and more, backpackers and flashpackers are in need of rest. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where hostels come in.

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