It’s been a year since we’ve been under various levels of quarantine but thankfully, with the rising number of fully vaccinated Filipinos, we are getting closer to normal. One of the things we’ve been missing all this time is the freedom to take a vacation outside of our homes but the concept of revenge travel has been spreading worldwide.

We’ve been stuck in an eat-work-sleep limbo for over a year so it’s only natural that your routine has settled into that. However, it’s important to let your mind and body rest or else you face the possibility of burn out. So snap yourself out of it before you break!

Slow Your Roll

It’s not easy to get yourself up and ready to work when you know your bed is just a few steps away.

If you feel guilty for thinking you deserve a vacation, you shouldn’t. Let your hard work speak for you. Don’t be too hard on yourself because chances are your co-workers and friends are feeling the same way. We are all only human and humans need rest to perform at their best! So don’t be too critical about the past. Remember that there are no small roles in life. Give yourself a reward for the stellar work you did manage to deliver and look at “failures” as a learning experience instead.

Drop Everything and Leave (For a Night or Two)

We can talk about a new normal as much as we want but the truth of the matter is we want the old normal back. Our old vacation plans were filed away but it is almost time to pull them out. With a little break, you can have a sense of the old world and we at UNWND want to make sure it’s as close to the original as possible. Let’s get back to the daily grind with a much needed vacation.

A birds eye view of what YOUR vacation could look like. Photo by @chezkacarandang


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