UNWND Safely!

Even in the new normal, we want you to be able to enjoy your unwinding experience with peace of mind. Thus, we have set DOH protocols in place to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is accounted for.

Before stepping into any UNWND property, please wear your face mask. We have a disinfectant foot mat where you can sanitize your shoes. Then, kindly sign in through our QR code, register, and fill up our health checklist.

As a precautionary measure, have your temperature checked by our automated temperature scanner. Automated alcohol or sanitizer dispensing stations are everywhere around the property so please feel free to use them.

To make sure social distancing guidelines are followed, we have reduced our allowable capacity and installed acrylic division on our bar and tables. For proper ventilation, we have open areas and our air-conditioners are always well-maintained.

We’ve trained our staff well in the new normal processes. Each member of our team are always in government-mandated personal protective equipment. Our housekeeping team takes extra measures to ensure that the cleaning process of rooms and public areas. They do this by using portable UV lights to sanitize every surface. High-touch surfaces like our tables and chairs are disinfected every 3-4 hours.

Our team is also trained in terms of contactless transactions. We’ve incorporated a digital menu in our restaurant so you can simply access it by scanning the QR code.

For our facilities, we’ve implemented a limited capacity to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. For the boiler room, sauna, and jacuzzi, we implement limited the use to a certain number of people only

For your health and safety, we encourage you to follow these guidelines and protocols so that you can enjoy unwinding at UNWND.