A hostel is only as great as the people behind it and it takes two things to keep going in this challenging yet rewarding industry: vision and passion. The moment you cross paths with Raffy, you’ll know he has these two. 

For Raffy, the UNWND experience combines the laid back feel of a hostel community coupled with the luxury of a hotel’s facilities and amenities. Think of it as a hybrid between the two. UNWND is homey where it needs to be, yet you can still feel like you’re spoiling yourself with all the facilities right under your fingertips. 


Redefining A Hostel’s Facilities and Amenities

Luxury suites, massage rooms, fitness facilities, restaurant and bar, and a sauna, for Raffy, it’s all about giving the guests an unwinding experience they will never forget. 

Raffy’s vision is to remind people how to practice the art of being chill again. For Raffy, chilling out can come in different forms, but ultimately, it is personal. 

Each individual has their way of chilling out—whether that be to lay out in the sun, listen to some sick beats, kick back on a lounge chair or a hammock, stay in bed and read a book, or get a massage. It all depends on you. You can even work while sipping on some coffee if that’s what eases you. 

UNWND wants you to unwind the way you do or even try unwinding in ways you haven’t yet. That’s why they have all of these rooms, facilities, and amenities you can choose from. 


UNWND’s Community Vibe

All these awesome facilities and amenities aside, UNWND is, first and foremost, a hostel. As much as we all would like to chill individually, nothing beats communing with friends and strangers that might eventually turn into friends. 

 Space is designed explicitly for gathering communities together to give them an area to foster and grow their relationships. Lounging areas can fit groups of people. Also, UNWND’s rooms can cater to every kind of demographic: solo travelers, families, groups of friends, and couples.

Speaking of accommodations, UNWND has a variety that guests can choose from. From shared rooms to a lux king suite—each space differs from each room category, but what’s standardized is that all rooms are well-designed, beds are comfortable, and are equipped with clean bathrooms. 

As you may have deduced by now, UNWND was meticulously designed. Raffy describes the entire structure as a design experience that excites and surprises guests. One that sparks pride in locals and intrigue in foreign visitors. It’s a perfect balance of the old and new world. 


UNWNDing at Poblacion

The first-ever UNWND Lux Hostel is tucked in the streets of General Luna, Makati. Raffy describes this area of Poblacion as one that’s filled with creative and imaginative energy bursting at the seams of its restaurant and bar scene. 

UNWND is on the fringes of the main streets of Poblacion, and this only means that visitors have the opportunity to see more of the neighborhood. To appreciate Poblacion, you have to walk it, and for Raffy, there’s so much to discover, and UNWND can curate an experience just for you if you ever need any help.

UNWND Poblacion is only the beginning. Raffy and his team have a much bigger vision for UNWND and that’s to open up UNWND properties in key tourist destinations around the Philippines—Boracay, Coron, Siargao, El Nido, to name a few.

Raffy and the entire UNWND team are determined to bring guests a unique unwinding experience and practice the art of being chill wherever they are in the Philippines.