In the early 19th Century, the French philosopher Victor Cousin came up with the slogan l’art pour l’art which means Art for Art’s Sake in English. It is a phrase that expresses the belief that art does not need justification and that it serves no other end but to exist.

UNWND is your modern luxury hostel and art space where you can experience a new kind of accommodation in the heart of Manila’s CBD. One that’s art-filled and expressive. One that will make you think.

This World Art Day, let us take you on a journey—a visual treat from UNWND’s collection and how it was curated to stir up varying experiences for every individual.

1F: Staying Still

At a time when everything feels chaotic, we yearn for stillness. The challenges that the pandemic has brought about truly changed the way we live. The current collection features works that reflect the situation that has been gripping the world.

Reflecting the nature of our emotions to keep changing throughout the course of time, the ground floor is meant to adapt to changing displays. House-commissioned artworks will be up for grabs.

2F: Search For Yourself

The Acquaintance Floor

The Acquaintance Floor

With featured works from Kevin Balboa, Charmaigne Mendoza, Red Animals, Jeffrey Guanlao, Rai Cruz, Janelle Tang and Mark Copino, each artwork in this floor represents different characters with contrasting personalities.

As soon as you realize who you identify with or who you want to be associated with, you spark curiosity. You embark on a deeper journey and seek a new height of where you want to go.

3F: A Range of Perspectives

The Proposal Floor

The Proposal Floor

This floor gives light to the different landscapes manifested by JR Atienza, Isobel Francisco, Jheco Lorica, RV Rivera, and Carzen Estrella. Each work is uniquely magnificent and serves as a reminder of the existence we often take for granted. Once you recognize the need of knowing where to go, you move on and prepare yourself for the next tread.

4F: Directions



Dubbed as “Directions,” the 4th Floor will show us the art of directions. These maps represent direction and misdirection. That the choice is always yours to make.

These illustrations remind us to go anywhere that makes us happy. Finally, you will be on your way to the destination–the ultimate suggestion for living.

5F: Deck of Dreams

Experience Life

Experience Life

The journey may seem to end at our Roof Deck, but this is where you will get the freedom to experience the zest of life. Works from Ronald Caringal and Adrian Evangelista are mounted here.

Go on a journey. Discover the undiscovered at UNWND. The artworks displayed at the Ground Floor are all available and you’re welcome to take home a piece that speaks to you.

For reservations and inquiries, contact us at +63 917 532 2424 or 8478 3504.

UNWND is a luxury hostel and art space in Makati. Experience #TheArtOfBeingChill through uniquely designed rooms, curated cocktails, and delicious food. Featuring a rooftop lounge, spa and sauna, UNWND is a great place to stay or hang out when you’re in Poblacion, Makati.