Tastemakers: The Executive Chef 

There’s a new kid in town. And by that we mean our very own restaurant and cafe–UNWND Cafe. 

A hostel experience wouldn’t be complete without a satisfying and memorable meal. Here at UNWND Luxury Hostel, we make sure that every experience is one for the books… including the food and drinks that arrive at your table.

The folks over at UNWND Cafe and WYP Dining have their own way of describing the food they serve: creative international cuisine. That alone should tell you just how much our tastemakers at UNWND value their creative freedom. That’s why they’re called tastemakers in the first place! 

Chef Jino of UNWND


The man pictured above is of our smiley executive chef, Chef Jino Limjoco–the brains behind all the delectable Filipino and international dishes available at UNWND Cafe that you really shouldn’t miss out on.

On A More Personal Note 

Our tastemakers have gone through journeys that fueled a fire in them. Chef Jino isn’t an exception. 

When asked as to why he started cooking, he humbly credited everything to his family. Of the chefs he admires the most, his dad and his uncle, Albert Paloma, were the first names he mentioned. 

Coming from a culinary background, Chef Jino grew up in a household that valued the act and art of cooking and of course, all the eating that came afterward! After all, eating is what helps you appreciate and understand the food that you cook. 

Chef Jino echoes this when he said, “I love cooking because I like trying out new things. I like eating too and I guess both go hand in hand.” 

This passion for the science and art of cooking may have even come naturally for Chef Jino as he hails from Pampanga–the country’s culinary capital. 

Chef Jino started his career through a friend, Raymund Magdaluyo, who made him a partner in one of his restaurants. He began at the front of the house and worked his way up until he was eventually promoted as the research and development head.  

Since then, he has been mastering his craft with eagerness and after years of perfecting his techniques, he and his culinary expertise have found a new home here at UNWND. 

Food and Drinks at UNWND Cafe 

Ask anyone at UNWND to describe the food and you’ll hear the word “comfort” repeated over and over again. There may be variations on how it’s described, but “comfort” is what will tie it all together. 

With UNWND’s food, that’s what Chef Jino’s aiming for. Aside from relishing the food’s taste, he wants people to feel a kind of comfort through whatever he and his team serve. It’s like coming home even if you’re miles away from wherever home is or finally unwinding after a rough day at work. 

UNWND’s menu is heavily influenced by the availability of products found in the locality. Chef Jino is meticulous when it comes to the ingredients used by the kitchen so he’s carefully standardized the quality of raw materials to create good quality recipes.

Ingredients may be sourced locally, but that doesn’t stop Chef Jino and his team from experimenting and creating dishes that will please the discerning foreign palate. Aside from local staples such as sisig and tapsilog, UNWND also serves pancakes, waffles, various grilled items, our delectable Torta Cubana, and our must-try Billionaire’s Bacon.

Billionaire’s Bacon


Torta Cubana


In the midst of the new normal, Chef Jino leaves a piece of advice to all aspiring chefs: these are trying times, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Want a taste of UNWND? Head on over to UNWND Cafe at 5396 General Luna, Makati.